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06 December 2014 @ 10:06 am
moving home  

Well, this semester is wrapping up rather quickly; man, that flew by. Yesterday we had one of our last classes with School of Education and it actually made me feel very uneasy hugging my classmates and hearing them say "I'll see you soon," even though the next class we have will be our last until next semester. It sounds dramatic when I type it all out but it's amazing how attached you can get to people when you spend enough time with them. It'll be so strange only seeing them once a week next semester for class as opposed to the last two semesters where I practically saw them every day.

Since i'm the only one moving home, I think, everyone will probably still hang out on occassion. That is, unless we're as busy as everyone claims we will be while student teaching. I really hope that I keep the friends that I want to keep from this cohort. They're all such beautiful people and it would be a shame to throw away our friendships.